Your Tie Stinks

I had become one of those people that I had such a distaste for 5 years go.

It's funny how fast perception changes over the course of a few years. Things that used to seem so insane and out of place become ingrained almost eerily fast.

I spent almost my entire life in the Midwest. One thing that was fairly constant (and that I touted many times) was that you always wear a suit to your first job interview, no matter what. Always assume that you can't overdress. This, at the time and place was a solid rule, no doubt.

When I first started looking for jobs in San Francisco, I was shocked and mildly insulted on multiple occasions by the reactions of hiring managers to my appearance. Obviously, I wore a suit to interviews. Obviously, it was better to dress up too much than to not. Obviously, as directly pointed out by a few different people, "what are you wearing?" was not the reaction I was going for. I luckily found a job that looked past my Men's Wearhouse rack special ensemble.

That was nearly 5 years go.

Today I had a strange moment while walking to meet a friend for lunch. I walked past a horde of people who were all sporting name tags and blue or grey suits, most likely in town for a seminar or conference. My brain quickly went to a heightened of distrust and comical judgement of these people.

It was at that moment, in route to a bacon cheeseburger listening to a book on tape on my wireless headphones through an iPhone 7, that a moment of humorous clarity ensued. I had become one of those people that I had such a distaste for 5 years go. I now associated wearing a suit not as a status symbol or demonstration of power, but as a symbol of wastefulness and lack of priorities.

It's funny how fickle we are in motivation, but also with self-diagnosed moral supremacy. It's good to be put in check every now and then.