There Is No Priority #2

Either "HELL YEAH!" or "no."

Setting priorities is a tricky beast. Most people are at best horrible at it, with no methodical process to determine just how important something is. This type of chaotic methodology leads to a muddled message on exactly what it is a person is supposed to be doing. Low focus equals low productivity.

Let's make this very clear, there is no such thing as priority 2, or priority 3. I'm not sure which antiquated Mayflower PM manual suggests this way to categorize features, but setting a numeric value for priorities is useless.

Either "HELL YEAH!" or "no."
- Derek Silvers

One of the most succinct expressions I ran across recently was from Derek Silvers. He states that, when answering a priority question, either the answer is "HELL YEAH!" or "no".

There is no "maybe".
There is no "I guess".
There is no "Priority 2".
There is no "let's keep it on the board for later".

Either you are fully invested in an idea, or you decline. Everyone's time is precious and uniquely valuable to not be spending 100% of it on accomplishing the most important goals.

I run into this quite a bit on support teams, where someone will inevitably say "oh, let's put that at a P2 (Priority 2)". To this, I will respond by removing it from the working board and explain that when it becomes "HELL YEAH!", let me know.

Ruthless prioritization, always.