Hey Brain, Chill

Starting this past New Years, I decided to spend an hour every day reading, and 15 minutes practicing my handwriting. Here's what I found out.

Starting this past New Years, I decided to spend an hour every day reading, and 15 minutes practicing my handwriting.

A couple of interesting observations here. First, my writing drastically improved within only a few weeks. My handwriting hadn't always been so terrible. In my earlier days I was a drafter, first by hand and then in AutoCAD. I spe

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Your Tie Stinks

I had become one of those people that I had such a distaste for 5 years go.

It's funny how fast perception changes over the course of a few years. Things that used to seem so insane and out of place become ingrained almost eerily fast.

I spent almost my entire life in the Midwest. One thing that was fairly constant (and that I touted many times) was that you always wear a suit to your first job interview, no matter what. Always assume that you can't overdress. This, at the time and plac

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Project Management Starts With Personal Management

If you're having issues juggling large projects, take a moment to evaluate your own personal processes, it may just pay off.

In my early years as a project manager, my processes were crap. There's really no other word for it. I relied heavily on being able to keep everything in my head. This worked surprising well for a surprisingly long period of time. Now to be clear, I do not have anywhere near a photographic memory. I'd say my memory in general is a B-... just above average.

There w

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Blame Game vs. Team Building


Those arcane business jargon proverbs "may" be doing more harm than good. Try to pause and think a moment before using them.

Words matter, and as a leader selecting the correct words is crucial. Many times we spout off the first word that pops into our head that satisfies the need of the moment, whether it be for timeliness or laziness. Often however taking a few moments to pause and think about the impact to the team will save so much heartache.

I was previously coaching a team and o

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I Have No Time For Indecision


There are few greater virtues of a leader as important as having the fortitude to make a decision, the insight to evaluate the results, and the willingness to adapt accordingly.

Lieutenant Dike wasn’t a bad leader because he made bad decisions. He was a bad leader because he made no decisions. -Sergeant Lipton (Band of Brothers)

A little while ago I was working at a company that was having a bit of trouble figuring out the dance between product management and software development.

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