My Brand

I'm a builder, not a marketeer!

Branding is a tricky thing. To me it feels gross and icky to think about a 'personal brand'. I'm a builder of things, not a brander nor marketeer. However, someone recently broke it down as "either you define your brand, or someone else will". I now understand this as defining what type of PM I would like to ideally be, and guiding my actions with that goal in mind.

If I divorce myself from the icky for a second, I guess it's really no different than other goal setting. First, I would need to define the ideal state, the end product, in this case being my personal brand. As a PM, I want to be known for being pragmatic, detail oriented, etc. After those are defined, it's much easier to create success criteria to achieve those goals.

I've made it a point to start a list of branding ideas that I would like people to associate to me. Over the next weeks/months, my goal is to get a list of 3-5 virtues or tenets, then set some short and long term actions with those in mind.

We'll see how it goes!