Dazzle With Basics

It's sometimes scary how often we must relearn the basics.

I was recently watching a talk given by Simon Sinek where he casually mentioned how inspiring but also depressing it is that there is so much interest in his work, given that it's pretty much all basic stuff.

This reminded me of a time many years ago when I thought it was a good idea to take Karate class (TL;DR, it wasn't). The instructor, who was like a level 29 super black belt or something, told the story of a recent trip to

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PM Pairing... Why Not?

What if the benefits of pair programming could be applied to project management, too?

Anyone who's been in software for a while will undoubtedly have heard the term "Pair Programming." For those of you who haven't, pair programming is where 2 software developers work together simultaneously on the same piece of code. This is usually accomplished through pairing software or a pairing station (single terminal with 2 keyboards). It's been shown in many cases that working together, 2 develope

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There Is No Priority #2

Either "HELL YEAH!" or "no."

Setting priorities is a tricky beast. Most people are at best horrible at it, with no methodical process to determine just how important something is. This type of chaotic methodology leads to a muddled message on exactly what it is a person is supposed to be doing. Low focus equals low productivity.

Let's make this very clear, there is no such thing as priority 2, or priority 3. I'm not sure which antiquated Mayflower PM manual suggests this way to categor

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Retrospectives, The Kaizen Way

Don’t look for the big, quick improvement. Seek the small improvement one day at a time.

I was recently asked to give a presentation on retrospectives at my company. After many years of doing retrospectives, it's always good to remind myself that the power and benefit isn't totally apparent to people who don't do them regularly. My wife, being a school teacher, of course laughed at me because her entire professional life is about helping people see what isn't initially obvious to them.

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My Brand

I'm a builder, not a marketeer!

Branding is a tricky thing. To me it feels gross and icky to think about a 'personal brand'. I'm a builder of things, not a brander nor marketeer. However, someone recently broke it down as "either you define your brand, or someone else will". I now understand this as defining what type of PM I would like to ideally be, and guiding my actions with that goal in mind.

If I divorce myself from the icky for a second, I guess it's really no different than other

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